3 Easy Ways to Bring Light into Your Home with Keylite

3 Easy Ways to Bring Light into Your Home with Keylite

Keylite has designed windows with the express purpose of letting in as much light as possible: with clever architecture in mind, these windows are suitable for every house type. So let’s look at how you can bring light into your home with Keylite windows.

Made of PVC and timber, these windows work in loft conversions and pitched roof extensions. Where windows can prove to be difficult to install, Keylite windows are installed quickly and easily.

  • Keylite windows have a range of features that set them apart from their competitors.
  • Ventilation flaps to allow fresh air to circulate even when the window is closed.
  • Window can rotate 180 degrees and can be locked in position.
  • Window frames have an integrated Expanding Thermal Collar. The collar is activated by simply pulling release tabs, insulating the home and keeping the cold out.
  • Constructed of multi-laminate pine for extra strength and the hand-sanded frame has multiple lacquer coats for a stain-resistant surface.
  • A streamlined, recessed fit comes as standard and a selection of blinds and accessories are available.
  • They can be operated electrically and feature a back up battery system to ensure opening even upon power failure.

3 of our favourite Keylite products are:

SKYLIGHTS: We love Keylite Skylights as they come in a range of options including manual, electric, and even fixed shut for those rooms that already have a source of ventilation in place and light is the primary function.

CENTRE-PIVOTS: The opening handle of these window is placed at the top, so the window pivots on the centre, giving a really controlled opening. The handle also controls the ventilation, giving you the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked.

TOP-HUNG: The ideal window for fire escapes and smaller rooms. The window opens outwards, so as not to encroach on your internal space, and can open wide enough to allow for escape in the case of emergency.

Most importantly, all Keylite windows can be fitted at any stage of construction, whether it is when you install your new roof or during renovation of an existing room. Cost effective and highly energy efficient, these windows are a great addition to any home. The innovative and easy to fit design stops heat escaping, not only keeping your bills down but dramatically reducing the chance of mould growth. The windows are extremely low maintenance as well, using premium grade PVC that never requires repainting or varnishing, just the occasional rub with a damp cloth.

10 Year Guarantee

With a 10 year guarantee, you know this is a window that is built to last. So, let light into your home with Keylite, and call in to your local Haldane Fisher store to see a range to Keylite windows in situ and where one of our experts can answer any questions you may have, offer advice on your Keylite options and give instructions for our products. We’re here to help.

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