Add Value to Your Landscape with Kerb Appeal

Add Value to Your Landscape with Kerb Appeal

The garden fence? The driveway? The front door? These are the things you need to make appealing. Below you’ll find a list of the TOP 5 features Haldane Fisher recommends you take care of to improve your home’s kerb appeal.


Keep your lawn well trimmed and remove any weeds that are growing along your kerbs, house or even through the cracks on any paving. We think the perfect way to kill weeds is by using Roundup weed killer, which we stock in our branches. Trim back any vegetation and sweep away all fallen leaves, we keep a variety of tools in store by a number of brands, including: Caldwell, Spear & Jackson, and Bulldog. You may also want to inject some colour into your garden with flowers. These could be hanging baskets, window boxes, or you could even install a flower bed. Haldane Fisher are able to provide an excellent selection of sleepers that are perfect for any landscaping project. These sleepers allow you the freedom to build whatever sort of raised bed or walkway you want through your garden. Each sleeper is pressure preservative treated class 4 to protect against rot and decay, so you are guaranteed years of quality, no matter the weather.


Any gravel along your pathway should be topped up. Over time the original gravel you laid can diminish with wear and the sun will have bleached the colour. Top this up and give it a good raking to refresh the colour and give a fuller appearance. We are able to supply a wide variety of decorative stones for whatever look you desire in your garden, such as Pink Pebble, Plum Slate, and Scottish Beach to name a few. Not to forget weed prevention using Gardman Weedstop (12m x1m Twin Pak for £7.49 + VAT


When approaching your house, this is the focal point of the home. Subconsciously, this is always where our eyes are drawn to. So make this feature one that pops: go for a bold and vibrant colour, or add a new coat of gloss to really make the door sparkle and shine. (We stock a variety of Dulux Products in store). If you are replacing the door completely, you can even use this opportunity to up the security and performance of your door. Call into your local branch to speak to one of our experts who can advice you a the selection of composite doors we have available.


If your house number is hanging outside your home, either give them a good clean or consider updating them. (Or get some house numbers if you don’t already have them!) Choose a style that suits your home: bold colours for the contemporary property, or perhaps wooden for the quaint country cottage. Other pieces of hardware to consider include the door knocker on your home, and even your doorbell. If you have a metal gate at the entrance to your property and it is looking a little worn, why not bring it back to life using Hammerite - colours include black, silver and white.


Both a practical and aesthetically pleasing upgrade for your home. New lighting around your porch and front door will prove useful when you are coming home when it is dark and require some light to find your keys. However you can also use this feature to highlight the best features of your garden: maybe some lighting around your flower beds? Just be careful when installing lights that you don’t floodlight your entire neighbourhood, try to be subtle!

BONUS: Our final and easiest tip for improving your house’s kerb appeal? Keep things tidy! If you have litter on the road outside your home, remove it. Sweep away any leaves. A tidy exterior lends itself to the impression of a tidy interior.

We hope these tips have helped you and given you some ideas for improving your kerb appeal. If you would like more information, why not visit your local Haldane Fisher branch where our experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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