Benefits of Building Using Timber Frame

Benefits of Building Using Timber Frame

This is an ever-increasing field with many suppliers realising the numerous benefits that come with building using timber frame. Prepared for any type of construction, timber allows you to build the modern or traditional home you’ve always dreamed of.

Timber Frame Benefits 

So what are the benefits of building with timber frame? Here are our top 5.

1. Cost Efficient

Timber is a very light material and as a result can be built off-site and transported easily. This reduces transportation costs, costs of manual labour and furthermore, this results in less debris on-site. With less transportation and manual labour, there will be less disruption to local residents and a smoother construction process. This easy to work with material is quick to install, giving you your dream building with less hassle and less costs.

2. Sustainable Timber

is a natural product. It is non-toxic with zero chemicals and completely recyclable, making this the safest and most environmentally friendly choice to build with. Timber is also a sustainable option for building as more trees are planted for those felled, maintaining forests. Furthermore, timber is able to store carbon dioxide rather than emitting it into the environment, as a result reducing our carbon footprint.

3. Great Insulation

In regards to insulation, timber outperforms both steel and concrete. No heat is lost in block work and you are guaranteed a warmer, cosier home. By naturally having superior insulation in your home, you are going to have reduced heating costs. Your home will not only heat up quicker but it will stay warmer for longer.

4. Durable

A strong material, timber is guaranteed to last long. Spruce, referred to as whitewood, is the primary type of timber we use in constructions. It is processed, planed and strength graded so you receive the highest quality product with superior endurance.

5. Accurate

Our timber is planed so it is highly accurate. There will be no ridges or irregularities that can occur with block work: every angle will be a perfect right angle and every surface 100% smooth. The variety of species of trees also means a multitude of colours and textures are available for choice. This accuracy allows faster construction, additionally a zero drying time means once your building is complete you can start decorating immediately!

You’ll find at our site that all timber is racked and easily locatable by type, however our advisors are always on hand to help. So why not call in to one of our local branches and discuss how timber could be the perfect fit for your next building project. Need more information? Visit the ‘Self Build’ section of our website.

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