Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann are the number 1 garage door brand in Europe, they have a vast amount of experience and we are so assured of their quality that we offer a 10 year warranty on all Hormann Garage doors.

They have a superb selection of doors including:

The Up and Over Door

This is the original Hörmann Garage door and is crafted from over 50 years of expertise. Convenient and secure, this robust door is available in either manual or automatic. Made with the best technology and manufacturing, this door has safety in mind with flexible plastic strips on the frame and the door leaf to preventing trapped fingers.

The Side-Sliding Door

This door is ideal for garages with limited room and perfect for all special fitting requirements. Sliding to the side, this maximises space by leaving the roof area entirely free for storage. With this bespoke design, the door can be fitted to almost any garage.

For maximum practicality, this door features the world’s first handle actuated, automatic wicket door function as an upgrade. What this means is that your door can be opened to any exact point, meaning with the door opening just a bit you can access the garage much faster. So, for example, if all you are looking is your bike out of the garage, this greatly reduces waiting time.

The Sectional Door

Fitting to any garage opening, this elegant door opens upwards and is suspended under the ceiling to leave more space inside and in front of the garage, an advantageous feature for larger vehicles needing parked. This garage door is fully insulated and is the ultimate space-saver and is particularly suitable for modern garage openings , this door can be fitted almost anywhere. Impenetrable by all elements, there is a weather resistant seal all-around this door. Built in sensors means this door will retract before it hits anything obstructing its path – making it ideal for those with young children, keeping them safe.

The RollMatic Door

This door opens vertically and therefore requires minimal space and maximises your interior space. Placing safety first, this door has when lowering, the ability to retract when it reaches an obstruction. The door’s springs also have a plastic casing that prevents finger trapping. Featuring a rubber bottom seal, this door can be worked either manually or automatically – when on manual the door can be raised or lowered to any point and will not crash to the ground, even in a power failure.

We think you’ll find that there is a Hörmann Garage door for any situation. So call into your local Haldane Fisher branch where one of our experts will be more than happy to help you and where you can now take advantage of our fantastic Hörmann UK promotion!

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