How To Choose The Perfect Door Handle

How To Choose The Perfect Door Handle

We’re sure it wasn’t a decision you took lightly. However…how long did you spend choosing the door handles for those doors? Probably not as long.

Whether you’ve years of experience or are taking your first step in design within your own home, choosing the right door handle can be a daunting task. You might not realise until you start looking just how vast your choices are! From different shaped handles, to different finishes, different backplates, and even different locks, you have a lot to consider. Here at Haldane Fisher, we are passionate about all aspects of your home. That is why this month we are taking a look at how to choose the perfect door handle.

Style of Door Handle

You’ll want to start with the basics first. What shape of do you want to go for? When it comes to the type of door handle, you can choose from a handle (lever style) or a knob. Knobs can be square or round, but no matter their shape they often require a tighter grasp than a handle. Therefore, we recommend considering who will be using this door most frequently. If young children, the elderly, or anyone who may not have a tight grasp is using this door, a knob may not be the best choice. This leaves you with a handle (lever), which allows a much better grip. Like door knobs, lever handles also come in a variety of squared and rounded styles.

Once you’ve decided on your style, you’ll need to consider your finish. This is where your choices start to vary a little more. Door handles come in just about every finish: from brass, to nickel, copper, silver and gold, and everything in between. You can even choose from polished or matt finishes.

We’re going to take a look at a few options that you could choose from.

Finish of Door Handle 

For the contemporary home, sleek surfaces and bold colours will be your go-to options. We’re finding black handles to be an increasing popular choice, particularly with a matt finish. This gives a crisp and modern look, particularly to new builds. Alternatively, modern homes also look great with polished chrome handles. This looks especially sleek in homes that are filled with other chrome surfaces. The finished look is alluring, yet still understated.

Bronze is an interesting choice of finish for any home. Giving a modern industrial look to contemporary spaces, but also not looking out of place in homes that are a little more traditional. Bronze doorknobs look particularly well in older homes as it gives a slightly rustic look. If you are looking to really lean into the rustic look, weathered antique bronze is a stunning option that really makes a statement.

When choosing a door knob, consider also the room that it is being used in. For example, marble doorknobs or silver handles look great for use in bathrooms. Warmer tones such as copper and bronze often work well in living rooms. It’s important to decide though, do you want the same door handles throughout your home, or are you looking to vary your choices per room, or even per floor.

Of course, with any home, both modern and contemporary, whether there are doorknobs or door handles, there are plenty of surprising options out there too. You never know where you’ll find a quirky looking door handle that might be the perfect fit for your house.

Regardless of your house style, or even your design experience, our experts at Haldane Fisher would love to talk to you about your door handle needs. We have a huge range of choices and know a thing or two about interior design. So call in to your local branch to see what we have to offer, and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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