Product Showcase - Velux Cabrio Balcony

Product Showcase - Velux Cabrio Balcony

The Velux Cabrio Balcony

This product is one-of-a-kind and promises to truly be a wow-factor in your home. So, let us explain how this roof light is different from all others. Not placed on a centre-pivot, nor being solely top hung, when this window is pushed open upwards, a balcony opens out below, allowing you to step out to enjoy the fresh air.

If you are seeking to renovate a room in your home, you’ll find that many builders are now recommending the Velux Cabrio Balcony as a hassle-free way to open up any room to gain additional space and daylight, and of course, the ability to take advantage of your view.

Not just beautiful to look at, these windows are incredibly efficient. Triple glazing now comes as standard, keeping you warm in the Winter and allowing you to be energy efficient all year round. Experts have suggested that this balcony could add as much as 5-10% to the value of your home. Designed to be suitable for roof pitches between 35º and 53º, this functional feature has a sleek design even when closed, sitting flush against the outside roof.

Reasons we recommend the Velux Cabrio Balcony:

- Triple glazing energy efficiency

- Maximises and extends space within your room

- Increases daylight and improves air circulation

- Quick to install and cost effective (prices start at £2,158)

Our previous “Adding Value To Your Home” series of blogs discussed some other roof light options from Velux and their benefits. With the Cabrio Balcony, these benefits are heightened with ultimate control of temperature and easy maintenance. Be prepared for a mood-boost and the increased energy that comes hand-in-hand with exposure to more sunlight and fresh air.

If you would like to know more about prices and installation, call in to your local Haldane Fisher to discuss your options. One of our experts will be more than happy to help you and advise if the Velux Cabrio Balcony is suitable for your home.

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