Product Spotlight – Hormann Garage Doors

Product Spotlight – Hormann Garage Doors

As the need for quick, easy, and even remote access increases, people are moving away from old-fashioned garage doors to contemporary ones that not only look good but function effortlessly within their home. As a result, garage door replacements are a request we are seeing increasingly more of in our Haldane Fisher stores.

When you call in to any of our stores, our experts will be able to point you in the direction of the door that will work best for you. Before that though, we have put together some information in this blog on the different types of garage doors Hormann have to offer.


This door puts safety first, and can be used with just about any garage opening. Opening up vertically, you still retain the space of the garage roof. A couple of interesting features of this door include its ability to be worked either manually or automatically. If you decide to use the manual function, it can be raised or lowered to any point and will stay put even without a power source. The door remains safe on its automatic setting also, retracting if it reaches an obstruction. Available in a variety of colours, it can match almost any home.


The most practical option for small spaces, this garage door maximises your space by leaving the roof area free. Due to this unique side-sliding mechanism, this door can fit most house types, including those with sloped roofs.


Upon opening, this door is suspended from the ceiling, leaving plenty of room below for parking large vehicles. Hormann sectional garage doors offer two types of door designs: tension springs for doors up to 3048mm wide, and torsion springs for doors over 3048mm wide. The perimeter of the door is fully sealed with rubber seals, preventing leaves, dust and other outside matter from entering.


The original. Secure, durable, operating both manually and automatically. As always, safety comes first, with finger-trapping protection in place and multiple springs, so if one were to fail, the door will still work flawlessly. This is a steel design and is available in 200 colours, however we can also provide solid timber doors in Nordic Pine and Hemlock. For cohesion within your home, there are optional matching side doors for every garage door.

No matter your style, no matter your garage, Hormann are sure to have an option that will work perfectly for you and your home. Click here to find more information on each door type, or call in to your local Haldane Fisher store, where one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction. All Hormann Garage Doors come with a 10 year guarantee, so you can be assured you are purchasing a quality product.

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