Spring Clean With Dulux

Spring Clean With Dulux

Available in a huge range of colours and easy to apply, it’s our go-to favourite. We’re sure you’ve heard of Dulux before, they are a household name for a reason. However, did you know that Dulux paint actually has a range of product options?

Dulux Weathershield 

There is Dulux Weathershield which is designed specifically for outdoor use and holds up against whatever the elements may offer. This Dulux paint can be used on both wood and metal. This paint promises not to crack and peal, locking in colour and giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to carry out repeated applications. The Weathershield Smooth Masonry paint is available in 19 shades, and the Weathershield Textured Masonry comes in 6 shades. This range is formulated specifically to be used outdoors, but Dulux paint has a number of options for painting indoors too.

Dulux Easycare 

For indoors, we love Dulux Easycare. Perfect for the home, it has unique stain repellent technology that repels all liquid spills, keeping your home safe from all the typical household spills of coffee, juice, and even wine. When one of these liquids hits a wall that is painted with Dulux Easycase, it simply beads up on the surface and sits waiting to be wiped away – leaving no trace. A damp cloth is the recommended way to wipe away these beads as harsh chemicals not only will not be required but could end up leaving a stain in place of the spillage. Another great feature of this Dulux paint is that it retains its liquid repellent properties even after is has been washed from an initial spillage: just leave the paint to fully dry and it will be liquid repellent once again. Dulux Easycare is available in 60 colours and Pure Brilliant White.

Dulux Range 

No matter the Dulux range you choose for your home, you can purchase with the peace of mind that they all give superior coverage and an incredible opacity that means you won’t be applying layer after layer to get the vibrant hue you’re looking for. They are durable too; no matter what your room is exposed to, sunshine or water, Dulux paint does not peel off easily or chip, nor does it lose its sheen.

When painting any room, it’s important to keep the area well ventilated as fresh paints can be irritating and dangerous to health. However, thanks to Dulux paint drying fast and being odourless, they do not pose any danger to you or your family during painting – this is particularly advantageous to any home with asthma sufferers. All Dulux paints are also scientifically developed to reduce the breeding and harbouring of bacteria, making them environmentally safe for use on the ceiling and interior walls.

We think you’ll find that there are many reasons to choose Dulux paint when you are next giving your home a refresh. Low maintenance, cost effective, and safe for all the family. Don’t forget when painting your room to hire a professional that will properly prepare each surface, getting rid of any dirt or build up so the colour will last for longer.

If you are struggling to choose a colour, call in to your local Haldane Fisher branch where one of our experts will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and answer any further questions you might have on Dulux paint.

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